The 188th Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Group  Cyberspace Operations Officer Board

Major, Drill Status Guardsman Position # 0105049034

Presiding Officer: Lt Col Robert LePome


The 188th Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Group will be hosting a Cyberspace Operations Officer board (17D-AFSC) for Drill Status Guardsmen (DSG) positions on 3 & 4 Aug 2024.  This is a commissioning opportunity for qualified non-prior service and enlisted members.  For current commissioned officers, this is a cross training and/or cross service opportunity.  Mandatory requirements are:

1. Be a United States Citizen

2. Hold a bachelor's degree (by 15 July 2024)

3. Meet the age requirement for a commissioned officer IAW ANGI 36-2005/AFI 36-2005

4. Must have taken the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) and have qualifying scores IAW ANGI 36-2005

5. Must be able to obtain a Top-Secret clearance and complete a Single Scoped Background Investigation (SSBI)

6. Be able to attend Officer Training School (OTS) IAW ANGI 36-2005/AFI 36-2005 (if applicable)

7. Have a current passing Air Force Physical Fitness score (if applicable)


Please submit all packages as a single PDF file to CMSgt Joanne K Kramer by COB 15 July 2024 with the naming format of “Last_First_17D24.”  Packages must include:


a. Letter of intent expressing your desire to become a Cyberspace Operations Officer

b. Resume

c. Official college transcripts

d. Letter of recommendation from your military or civilian supervisor / Endorsement Letter (not to exceed 2)

e. Current Passing Physical Fitness Score sheet from Service, if applicable

f. Copy of AFOQT Scores

g. Record of Individual Personnel (RIP) for current AF/ANG members or similar military personnel summary for other services

h. Last 3 Officer/Enlisted Performance Evaluation Reports, if applicable

i. Completed AF Form 24

Please send packages to: no later than 15 July 2024.