188th Director of Psychological Health

Holly Hannam, LCSW

188th Wing Director of Psychological Health

Phone: (479) 573-5742

DSN: 778-5742


Dr. Cole Smith, DSW, LCSW

188th Wing Director of Psychological Health

Phone: (479) 573-5209

DSN: 778-5209

4850 Leigh Avenue building 218

Fort Smith, AR 72903


Services Offered:

* Individual consultation and referral services for all Airmen
* Military lifestyle support for Airmen 
* Psycho-educational presentations and workshops
* Deployment cycle education and support


The Air National Guard Psychological Health Program advocates and supports Airmen by promoting mental fitness and personal wellness for operational readiness. The ANG PHP promotes focused activities facilitating the prevention of mental health issues, early intervention, crisis response and post-incident recovery.

Our goals and our commitment:
- Provide quality mental health services tailored to each individual's needs.
- Maintain confidentiality while coordinating professional services in your community.
- Provide educational resources to maintain and improve personal resiliency.
- Dispel the stigma of help seeking behaviors and mental health.

Our services:
- Provides short term, brief solution focused counseling that addresses issues related to conditions of living, life skills, improving relationships at home and at work, stress management, adjustment issues, marital problems, parenting, grief and loss, deployment and reintegration.
- Intake, Assessment and Referral to vetted, community based providers in your locality.
- Consultation to Unit and Wing Leadership.
- Free services to all Air National Guard members
Airmen should never weather emotional and behavioral challenges alone.





24-Hour MILITARY CRISIS LINE: 1-800-273-8255