Are there any enlistment bonuses available and if so how much? 

Enlistment bonuses vary depending upon the job and time in which you sign up. Please contact a 188th Fighter Wing recruiter for current enlistment bonus information.


Can I get money for college/tuition? 

Yes. The Air National Guard offers the Montgomery G.I. Bill, which you may be eligible to receive. This will provide you with monthly stipends depending on your course load. We also have the Montgomery G.I. Bill Kicker, which means that selected career fields offer an incentive. The G.I. Bill Kicker could provide additional monthly stipends, all of which are dependent upon current law.


What are my benefits as an Air National Guardsman?

For information on the benefits of being an Air National Guardsman, visit the Air Reserve Personnel Center Web site.


Will my student loans be repaid? 

We offer up to a $20,000 student loan repayment payment program in certain career fields. You must enlist for six years to be eligible for this program.