Joining the Air National Guard

Are there certain qualifications? 

Each member must be of age and be a high school graduate. Each interested applicant must complete a physical and an Air Force aptitude test also known as the ASVAB. 


What does one weekend a month and two weeks a year include? 

Each member is required to attend unit training assemblies (UTA) one weekend a month. The UTA duty day varies depending on the job. Each day will include training and the operation of your job. The other two weeks a year are annual training days that must be completed to ensure that the member has completed all required training for their specific career field. This time is slotted to attend training schools or training at the base. 


What is my commitment?

You have an option of enlisting for six years. Your commitment to the Air National Guard is typically working one weekend each month and 15 annual training days every year. 


When can I join? 

You can join at the age of 17 with parental consent or at the age of 18 without parental consent. For those joining at age 17, you can join in the summer before your senior year of high school.