Undergraduate Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training (URT) Candidates: 

Thank you for your interest in becoming an MQ-9 pilot with the 188th Attack Wing! Applications for the 2021 hiring board are due 9 November 2021.* Candidates who are selected to interview will be notified by 16 November for hiring board on 6 & 7 December.

This is a commissioning opportunity for two entry level, part-time (Drill-Status) Second Lieutenant positions.

Contact bradley.kremers@us.af.mil with questions. At this time we are unable to accommodate individual pilot candidate visits to the squadron.


To apply, applicant must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. US Citizen
  2. Hold a Bachelor’s degree (by 1 Jan 2022)
  3. Passing AFOQT scores (Pilot ‐ 25, Navigator ‐ 10, Academic Aptitude – No Min, Verbal ‐ 15, Quantitative – 10 (Pilot and Navigator must equal minimum of 50) ‐ IAW ANGI 36‐2005 table 3.4
  4. Minimum PCSM score of 10
  5. Capable of passing the medical physical
  6. Capable of obtaining and maintaining Top Secret Clearance (clean criminal record, financial record, driving record, no substance abuse)
  7. Ability to attend the training pipeline for 18X AFSC.

‐Individuals beyond their 40th birthday and/or have greater than 8 years of total federal commissioned service by 1 Dec 2021 require an exception‐to‐policy to be considered for URT.

  1. Flying experience: No hard requirement, but ideally enough flight time to have successfully soloed an aircraft. PPL desired but not required.

URT Application Package Contents

  •  Cover Letter (address it to the 184 ATKS/CC or to the URT Selection Board)
  •  Resume
  •  Pilot Applicant Questionnaire (Download here: Questionnaire)
  •  College transcripts
  •  Letters of Recommendation (up to 3)
  •  AFOQT Scores
  •  PCSM / TBAS Scores
  •  AF Form 24 Application for appointment. Do not input SSN. If/when selected, we will ask you to provide your SSN. (Download here: AF FORM 24)
  •  Photocopies of civilian pilot ratings, certificates, and last page of logbook
  •  Corrective Eye Surgery (PRK/LASIK/LASEK) Waiver criteria checklist if applicable (Download here: Corrective Eye Surgery)
  •  Statement of Intent to Graduate with Bachelor’s Degree if applicable (Download here: Statement of Intent to Graduate)
  •  If a member of the military, include copies of last three performance appraisals, RIP (Air component only), current Point Summary (ANG/ARC only)  and current Fitness Test results. Please sanitize to obscure/block your SSN and any other sensitive PII prior to submitting.



  • Submit application in a single PDF file with following naming nomenclature: “LAST_FIRST_URT21”
  • Ensure ALL the RPA Application Package Contents are included, in the order listed above.
  • Use the cover letter as a chance for us to help get to know you – what sets you apart from the other candidates, and why you want to be here.
  • Do not include extra documentation; submit only the items requested.
  • PLAN AHEAD AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. To receive consideration for an interview, your COMPLETE package must arrive no later than the close of business on the published deadline date.*


* Flight hour & PCSM updates will be accepted until 3 Dec 21.

Please submit your package in a single PDF document to bradley.kremers@us.af.mil NLT the above due date.

Best wishes in your endeavor to become an MQ-9 pilot for the Arkansas Air National Guard!