Teamwork is the key to the 188th Wing's success.
The ready, elite Airmen of the 188th Wing provide 24/7 actionable intelligence, MQ-9 operations, agile combat support, training for joint and international partners and execute those same missions along with Domestic Response and Expeditionary Medicine at home and deployed, in support of State and National objectives.  


  • 1,018 airmen and civilians that adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment able to respond to contingencies in the homeland and abroad, and are ready for joint, dominant, agile combat operations.

188th ISRG

The 188th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group has a targeting mission and also operates the AN/GSQ-272 "SENTINEL" weapon system at Distributed Ground Station-Arkansas as a part of the Air Force's Distributed Common Ground System. The 188th ISRG's mission sets include near-real time processing, exploitation, analysis and dissemination of information and data from a number of sources. The unit creates decision-quality actionable intelligence that is disseminated to air, ground and naval force component commanders around the world for use in the planning and execution of military operations across the spectrum of conflict.

188th MSG

The 188th Mission Support Group provides base operating support to the wing through various specialty and career fields. It is responsible for base defense, internal security, civil engineering, personnel management and accountability, communications, contracting, supply, transportation, lodging, dining, and recreational services.

188th MDG

The 188th Medical Group supports the wing mission by ensuring a healthy and fit force by providing local medical support for wing members. 188th MDG Airmen assist in the maintenance of wing combat capability by providing routine healthcare to include dental, bio-environmental, public health, vision, hearing and nursing services.

188th OG

The 188th Operations Group employs the MQ-9 Reaper Remotely Piloted Aircraft to provide Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, and strike capabilities to combatant commanders worldwide. Additionally, the group is committed to organize, train and equip a team of professional Airmen who are capable of executing broad-spectrum MQ-9 weapon system taskings worldwide.

SAPR Office

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